The clean up date is July 22, 2024. If you live outside the city limits and need something picked up please call the City Hall to set up time, location and name. Also if you are unable to take your trash to the curb please call the City Hall so someone can come to your residence for pick up. 870-426-3388. Thank you!

If someone calls you from the water dept claiming to be some other branch of the City, like the police dept or water dept and start asking questions or informing you that you need to give them private information please do not give them any information unless you know who you are talking to for sure (hang up and give us a call) and never answer YES to anything they ask you it is being recorded and they can use that answer to do more harm. If you have any questions please call our office! 870-426-3388

Mayor Leslie King, Council Members: Laura King, Orville Lippe, William Atchison, Mike Roberts and Lorene Roberts

Main Street in Omaha, Arkansas in the late 1800s

Mayor Leslie King and Police Chief Troy Burleson on The 726 Show by HomeTown Television



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